New street lighting gives Vientiane a fresh new look

Vientiane is rolling out an extensive urban renewal project, and street lighting will play a major role. The city began implementing a street lighting renovation program back in the mid-2000s, and called on Citelum for support. We were chosen for our track record of providing effective engineering services, artistic lighting designs, and sustainable lighting systems.

Vientiane, the capital of Laos, has been working to raise its international profile since the early 2000s. The city’s cultural heritage has the capacity to attract large numbers of tourists. The city has been growing at a remarkable rate and now faces significant urban development challenges:

  • Update city planning policies to cope with growth
  • Renovate public infrastructures, which are often outdated and not suited to today’s environmental requirements

Artistic lighting for four heritage sites

Our first project in Vientiane was to create artistic lighting for four of the city’s emblematic sites: That Luang, the most famous religious monument in Laos and a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Ho Phrakeo, another important religious building; the Presidential Palace, a hallmark of colonial architecture; and the Sisaket Museum, which serves as both a temple and museum.

These projects, which are supported by the French Development Agency, strengthen Vientiane’s urban identity while highlighting its centuries-long history—a result that is sure to attract tourists.

A new city lighting masterplan

We are also working with Vientiane city planners to restructure the town’s entire street lighting system and outline a new city lighting masterplan. Our masterplan will be rounded out with recommendations about equipment upgrades, additional artistic lighting, and the implementation of our Luxicom® remote lighting management software, which can help the system run more smoothly and energy-efficiently.

Vientiane, Laos

  • 716,000 inhabitants
  • Project type: development of artistic lighting and a city lighting masterplan
  • Dates: 2006, 2010