Tramway, Paris

Lighting the way for Paris tramway users

Citelum will play a key role in building the infrastructure for the new Paris tramway line, T3. This modern line will help Parisians get around the city easily and limit the environmental impact of commuter traffic.

The main goal for any public transportation infrastructure is to meet growing transportation needs while limiting the impact on a city’s attractiveness and the environment. Initiatives like the Paris Climate Plan and Paris Transportation Plan were designed with this objective in mind, and aim to eliminate wasted energy and air pollution.

The tramway first came back to Paris in the 1990s. A second line, T2, was built and extended between 2005 and 2011; it now passes through 13 suburbs on its route from La Défense to Pont de Bezons. A third line, T3, was inaugurated in 2006. Once extended, this new line will run 22.4 km and serve 11 suburbs between Pont de Garigliano and Porte de la Chapelle. The extension work is slated for completion in 2014.

One of the main challenges of any new public transportation infrastructure is building, running, and maintaining a vast system of lighting and traffic signaling equipment.

Prime contracting support

Paris chose Citelum for our established expertise in lighting systems and city planning. We provided the city with prime contracting support:

  • Checking work plans and blueprints, coordinating subcontractors, overseeing construction work, and testing equipment for the T2 line
  • Carrying out engineering studies and performing design work for 42 traffic light intersections on the T3 line

T3 line lighting infrastructure

Our construction and maintenance division will team up with STPEE on the T3 extension project. Our role will consist of:

  • Equipping 48 traffic light intersections and installing 3,174 new lights along 1.4 km of the new line, slated for completion in 2014
  • Designing artistic lighting to embellish the urban landscape

Paris and the greater Paris area, France

  • 10 million inhabitants
  • 3,174 lights, 48 traffic light intersections
  • Project type: construction of the lighting infrastructure and design of artistic lighting for the T3 tramway line
  • Date: 2010
  • Project length: 3 years