Town of Katherine


Top End of Australia

Katherine is a town situated 320 kilometres southeast of Darwin in the “Top End” of Australia in the Northern Territory. Katherine is the fourth largest settlement in the Territory after the capital Darwin, Palmerston and Alice Springs. The Town engineer wished to understand the possible benefits of an LED product they were considering. Citelum assisted Katherine in understanding some of the economic, environmental and performance attributes of the product to ensure the town could make an informed decision.

The project achieved the following:

  • Assisted the Town to understand future asset costs arising for new infrastructure
  • Built the knowledge capacity of a remote Australian town in LED performance
  • Prepared the Town for further regulatory changes

Explaining LED

For this reason the CITELUM group, the LAPLACE laboratory and the LED ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT design bureau have pooled their knowledge and experience in the field of public lighting and in LED technology to draw up a highly precise statement of requirements in the form of a methodology for the inspection and assessment of LED luminaries.

Town of Katherine, Northern Territory

  • Economic Analysis of LED
  • Research on impending Australian Energy Regulator Changes
  • Performance analysis
  • Date: 2011
  • Project length: 1 months