Sunshine Coast Audit and Lighting

testimonialsIn 2013, Citelum signed the first ever Management Contract in which the council plans to over time to take back ownership of public lighting. The first steps of that process involve a detailed public lighting audit.

In 3 months Citelum assembled a team of auditors and provided detailed training according to the international methodology Citelum has devised over its 20 years of specialisation into public lighting. Teams of two were then sent into the field to count, photography and provide an audit condition rating.

Following the field audit, a detailed financial analysis provided two methodologies on an accurate Written Down Value (WDV) according to Queensland Treasury recommendations. The audit highlighted that while the public lighting network had been maintained well to a basic set of criteria, the council faces significant decisions in how it manages public lighting into the future.

The information gained also is formulating the strategies in the Urban Lighting Masterplan, a document that will assist the council achieve its mission to be the most sustainable region in Australia; vibrant, green and diverse.