Lighting up one of France’s World Heritage Sites

Strasbourg, France’s seventh-largest city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, turned to Citelum to develop a lighting masterplan to beautify the banks of the Ill River.

The official seat of the European Parliament, Strasbourg wanted to beautify this and other emblematic sites while advancing toward its Climate Plan targets of curbing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 30% and increasing the share of renewable energy by 30%. Strasbourg’s city planners were won over by Citelum’s expertise creating high-definition lighting for buildings, monuments, as well as broader, more complex urban environments.

Artistic lighting with visual and environmental appeal

Our artistic lighting subsidiary, Architecture Lumière Conseil, worked with the city to outline a lighting masterplan designed to create a nighttime pathway from the Vauban dockyards to the EU buildings. The design encompassed Strasbourg’s centuries-old historic center as well as the city’s natural features and landscaped areas.

Engineering and design firm Ecotral, in charge of operational implementation of the lighting masterplan, will ensure appropriate responses to Strasbourg’s environmental concerns, which include reducing energy consumption and limiting the installation’s environmental footprint.

Strasbourg, France

  • 641,850 inhabitants
  • Project type: development and implementation of a lighting masterplan
  • Project length: 2 years