Sant Fost de Campsentelles

Sant Fost street lights run on renewable energy

Sant Fost de Campsentelles is a model for cities around the world for its smart use of renewable energy to power its street lighting system. At Citelum, we worked hand-in-hand with the Spanish town to make this goal a reality.

Sant Fost de Campsentelles, a small city near Barcelona, has been attracting a steady stream of new residents since the early 1990s. To support this population growth, city planners have introduced a large-scale urban development program that includes upgrading all the street lighting. In addition to improving operations, the new equipment had to support the city’s sustainable development policy. Our Spanish subsidiary teamed up with the city to secure public-private financing and carried out the renovation work under an Energy Performance Contract.

A win-win solution for the planet and the city’s budget

The Sant Fost project proves that an urban development project can generate both cost savings and environmental benefits with initiatives like:

  • A new solar power plant with 8,000 m2 of panels, 70 kWp of output, and the capacity to generate 900,000 kWh/year of power that will be sold to the local electric utility
  • Reducing lighting energy consumption by 35% per year to substantially lower the city’s electricity bill

These savings helped finance the investments needed to rebuild the city’s entire lighting system and increase the number of lights by 11% for greater capacity and performance.

Exemplary environmental performance

Sant Fost’s upgrade is, of course, a good example of sustainable urban development. Concretely, the overhauled system will help:

  • Cut CO2 emissions by 96 tons/year
  • Eliminate light pollution
  • Promote clean energy with features like an illuminated walking tour equipped with solar-powered lights

Streamlined operations

These benefits were made possible not only by installing new materials and systems, but also by using our Luxicom® remote lighting management software. To ensure that the new lighting system was fully optimized, we:

  •  Drew on our engineering skills to outline a City Lighting Masterplan early on in the project
  • Used our innovative PackWeb® software to improve day-to-day operations

Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Spain

  • 7,900 inhabitants
  • 1,811 lights
  • Project type: comprehensive street lighting management under a public-private partnership
  • Date: 2006
  • Project length: 25 years