Saint-Pierre-des-Corps combines quality lighting with energy savings 

The city of Saint-Pierre-des-Corps set out to modernize its street lighting system and transform it into a model of energy efficiency. Our comprehensive management services are helping the city achieve its goals.

A gateway to the Loire Valley, Saint-Pierre-des-Corps is home to vibrant manufacturing and services industries that were revitalized after the construction of the Paris-Bordeaux high-speed rail link, which passes through the city. The banks of the Loire River, one of the city’s most striking features, were spared destruction during the Second World War, and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The railroad also plays an important role in the city’s history and heritage.

Saint-Pierre-des-Corps is a charming, delightful place to live—and the local government wants to make sure it stays that way. One of the top priorities of the region’s Climate Plan is to streamline Saint-Pierre-des-Corps’ street lighting system in order to cut down on energy use.

Modernization leads to savings

Saint-Pierre-des-Corps launched a major project to modernize its street lighting and traffic signals with the goals of setting an example for energy efficiency and significantly reducing the city’s yearly energy bill. Our comprehensive management services played a crucial role in achieving these goals.

Since 2008 we have been working with city planners to:

  • Overhaul the town’s lighting columns, electrical cabinets, lighting at municipal sports facilities, portions of its electricity grid, and 18% of its light fixtures
  • Replace the lights traditionally used in pedestrian areas, traffic lights, and holiday and special events lighting with LED lamps
  • Better regulate lighting times through a remote lighting management system

Our work reduced the amount of electricity used by street lighting by almost 80%, traffic lights by 73%, and stadium lights by 17%.

An energy-efficient lighting system

Our computer-assisted maintenance application has improved the lighting system’s day-to-day operations. We also updated the maintenance procedures for greater efficiency.

At the city’s request, we are working to upgrade the outdoor lighting on certain private properties.

Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, France

  • 15,660 inhabitants
  • 3,738 lights and 16 traffic light intersections
  • Project type: comprehensive management of street lighting and traffic signals
  • Project length: 15 years