“Magic Prague” shines brighter with new lighting

Prague has been a landmark city in European history since the Middle Ages. The local government is committed to preserving the city’s unique urban landscape so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. Prague’s lighting infrastructure will help contribute to achieving this goal, thanks to a partnership with our Czech subsidiary Eltodo-Citelum.

Prague, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a rich landscape of monuments and natural features, making the city a major tourist destination. Prague’s history as an intellectual center is reflected in the dynamic research and development activities that are today driving economic growth in this vibrant city.

City planners must manage growth carefully to preserve Prague’s unique heritage. In the late 1990s, the city took on an ambitious project to renovate its street lighting infrastructure with support from the EU. Two of the main goals of this project were to shrink the city’s environmental footprint and lower energy spending.

Investing in the environment

Prague teamed up with Eltodo-Citelum, a leading urban lighting company in the Czech Republic, for this far-reaching renovation project. The city chose our comprehensive management services to ensure that the needed investments could be made quickly without impacting the municipal budget. In just a few years, we were able to:

  • Replace more than 110,000 lights with more energy-efficient equipment
  • Improve operations and environmental performance through better power modulation and energy distribution

Hassle-free operations and maintenance

Our work significantly enhanced the system’s day-to-day operations and cut the failure rate by a factor five, thanks to:

  • Our innovative system management and process control software
  • Our new, more efficient operations and maintenance procedures

We wanted to keep Prague’s traditional street lamps—part of the city’s historic charm—intact. Our artistic lighting designs, inspired by the lamps’ physical and symbolic features, now illuminate central Prague’s heritage buildings, monuments, and public spaces.


  • 1.2 million inhabitants
  • 133,106 lights
  • Project type: Comprehensive management of street lighting and traffic signals
  • Project length: 15 years