Portarlington LED

Portarlington Main Street LED

The Victorian Police and City of Geelong have had a concern that Portarlington’s relaxed seaside location is quiet and a perfect target for criminals taking advantage of the community’s location. Many elderly citizens reside in Port Arlington and as the town centre is a main thoroughfare, the police wanted to include extra security measures in this location and CCTV was added in the main street only. Due to the nature of the existing lighting with yellow light and average performance, it was also desired to trial LED that would have some capability of being dimmed at certain times of the night.

The uniformity (evenness) of lighting levels from the LED Streetlights, the Navion series from Cooper Lighting distribute the lighting precisely across the carriageway.

The added benefit of using this type of LED street light was the use of flat bubble lense arrangement which dramatically reduces upward light spillage into the environment.

The result is a significant improvement to spill lighting, believed to be a first in Victoria as a result of a lighting upgrade.

Improved lighting levels but with improved impacts to the environment.

Environmental Streetlighting

This is excellent work…dare I say…five star quality! A great initiative in fact and I’m sure astronomers and environmentalists – and let’s not forget ordinary citizens, would all appreciate the difference,”  Perry Vlahos an astronomy educator, author, broadcaster and a past president of the Astronomical Society of Victoria said. 

The outcomes of the project were: 

  • Improved lighting levels
  • Improved evenness of light
  • Improved visual comfort
  • Reduced upward light
  • Improved perception of safety

Tools used:

  • GP Lux Illuminance Testing
  • AGI32 Lighting Design Software

Project Details

  • 3022 inhabitants
  • 12 LP
  • Type of Contract: Lighting Consultancy
  • Project Date: 2013
  • Project length: 6 months