Sustainable lighting management

The city of Nîmes has made it clear that sustainable development is a priority—and its urban lighting system proves it. Under our comprehensive management services, the city has improved the operational and environmental performance of its street lighting and traffic lights.

Nîmes is proud of its Roman heritage and Mediterranean identity. Over the past decade the city’s economy and population have grown, spurred by dynamic industries like logistics, IT, and tourism driven by a busy calendar of cultural events.

City planners must carefully manage this urban development in order to protect the local ecosystem and abundant biodiversity. That’s why the city has implemented policies to curb energy use and encourage a better balance between the different modes of transportation, all in an effort to limit the impact on the environment.

Nîmes’ urban lighting system plays a key role in the city’s environmental policies. Since the late 1990s Nîmes has been gradually upgrading its lighting infrastructure to meet new, higher environmental standards. Our comprehensive management services are helping the city reach its goals.

Investing in savings

The city’s ongoing investments are generating sustainable savings:

  • Reduced electricity consumption (with a target reduction of 26%) through more energy-efficient lights, more efficient lighting schedules, and green energy production
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions based on the results of a carbon footprint assessment (using the French environmental agency’s Bilan Carbone® method) of the existing infrastructure
  • Less light pollution

We also provide other services to Nîmes, such as the treatment of electric and electronic waste and the provision of work vehicles that run on clean energy.

Optimizing operations

Our PackWeb® software, coupled with new maintenance procedures, helped boost the performance of the city’s street lighting and traffic lights. We further assisted Nîmes city planners by installing a PC for real-time traffic management.


  • 123,657 inhabitants
  • 21,700 lights
  • Project type: comprehensive management of street lighting and traffic lights
  • Project length: 7 years