Cutting-edge video surveillance comes to Nice

In early 2010 Nice inaugurated a new security system to make its streets safer. We joined forces with Ineo and Nicolo to install this system—which consists of 560 video surveillance cameras plus a control center—and provide system maintenance.

Today Nice is France’s best-equipped city in terms of video surveillance. This cutting-edge system is part of the city’s drive for better safety and security, and is being funded by municipal, regional, and national governments.

The primary goal of the project is to make the city’s streets safer. Surveillance cameras were installed across the city to keep an eye on sensitive areas like schools, public transportation, and cemeteries.

High-tech equipment

Working hand-in-hand with our partners on this project, we:

  • Leveraged our extensive knowledge of the city’s existing infrastructure and networks to carry out pre-project engineering work and install equipment and software
  • Installed 560 video surveillance cameras on the street lighting grid
  • Upgraded the city’s video recording and storage system by installing high-tech equipment
  • Built a control center and equipped other security-related sites like the city hall and traffic control center with innovative technologies to vastly improve the gathering, transmission, and archiving of images

Nice can now count on fast-responding security forces backed by a reliable surveillance system. We also improved communication among various municipal services (local police and road authorities) and regional and national agencies (national police, public safety forces, and criminal investigation unit).

 Nice, France

  • 345,000 inhabitants
  • 560 video surveillance cameras plus a control center
  • Project type: installation, operations, and maintenance of a video surveillance system
  • Date: 2009
  • Project length: 18 months