On the path to energy savings

Nevers’ urban lighting system is an excellent example of an overall sustainable development policy that works. And we provide the comprehensive management that makes it a success.

Nevers is a busy industrial and commercial city in France’s Burgundy region. Its attractive urban landscape includes a well-conserved historic center that has earned the city a spot on France’s list of “cities of art and history”.

Nevers actively protects its urban environment and is striving to set an example for sustainable development. For example, the city and its surrounding areas have adopted a Climate Plan under which Nevers’ street lighting will be fully upgraded. The goals are to:

  • Cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Use more renewable energies

The city has chosen our comprehensive management service to ensure a far-reaching upgrade of its street lighting, traffic signals, and artistic lighting that will improve both operations and environmental performance.

A commitment to sustainability

Nevers has slashed its energy needs by 452,150 kWh in just two years—far exceeding forecasted savings. This outstanding performance was made possible by:

  • Removing unnecessary lights
  • Using less energy-intensive equipment
  • Installing Luxicom®, our remote lighting management software, and astronomical clocks
  • Using more renewable energies

Thanks to these efforts, the city has been granted “green certificates” and “white certificates,” testifying to its environmental commitment.

More efficient operations

We carried out a thorough audit of Nevers’ existing lighting and came up with recommendations for streamlining its maintenance procedures. This resulted in improvements to availability and response times that exceeded the targets initially set.

Highlighting the city’s distinctive features

The program has also led to a more beautiful city, with artistic lighting for the city’s heritage buildings and monuments. We installed LED lights for their aesthetic and environmental qualities, a choice that also reduced nighttime light pollution.

Nevers, France

  • 40,000 inhabitants
  • 6,500 lights, 24 traffic light intersections
  • Project type: comprehensive management of street lighting, traffic lights, and artistic lighting
  • Project length: 12 years