Overhauling the city’s lighting infrastructure

The city of Naples chose Citelum’s comprehensive management services to upgrade its lighting infrastructure and optimize operations.

Not only is Naples Italy’s third-largest city and home to one of the Mediterranean’s major ports, it also boasts a rich historical, cultural, and artistic heritage. The city’s historic center has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For the past several years, Naples has implemented a strong sustainable development policy. The city has set out to ensure its public infrastructures achieve “the three 20s” by 2020:

  • Cutting CO2 emissions by 20%
  • Reducing energy consumption by 20%
  • Using 20% renewable energies

To help meet these goals, and to ensure compliance with national and regional energy and light pollution standards, Naples’ street lighting will also be upgraded.

In 2008, Naples’ city planners decided to speed up the process of overhauling their lighting infrastructure—including for the city’s road tunnels—and modernizing operations. The goal is to make Naples more enjoyable at night.

Operations and maintenance with an environmental focus

In association with Acea , we are providing the city of Naples with comprehensive management services to:

  • Improve operations and maintenance by setting up a call center available to all Naples residents, implementing our PackWeb® software, and developing new maintenance procedures
  • Upgrade outdated equipment to comply with current standards
  • Install high-performance equipment that uses less energy and generates less CO2, and light pollution
  • Manage energy more efficiently through our partnership with Acea

Highlighting the city’s historic identity

Naples’ improved urban lighting will also help make the city more attractive, with several projects to enhance the city’s historic center:

  • Improve the city’s traditional nativity lighting by using more elaborate patterns that create visual continuity across a larger area of the city center while reducing energy consumption
  • Designing distinctive lighting for two emblematic sites: the Piazza del Plebicito and the Palazzo Fuga

Naples, Italy

  • 1 million inhabitants
  • 69,000 lights
  • Project: comprehensive management of street lighting and road tunnels
  • Date: 2010
  • Project length: 3 years