Setting the example with proven lighting management techniques

Kunming’s lighting management system is a model for other Chinese cities. Thanks to increased efficiency achieved in partnership with Citelum the city has shaved 35% off of its lighting-related electrical consumption.

Located in the center of Yunnan province, this “City of Eternal Spring” is home to the province’s political, economic, and cultural life, and is a popular tourist destination. The city’s economy is flourishing, thanks largely to the Chinese government’s strategy to make Kunming a central trading hub for Southeast Asia.

As more and more people flock to Kunming, the government is striving to ensure sustainable growth and achieve energy savings in line with China’s national target of 25%.

Kunming has set out an ambitious program to make its urban lighting more efficient. We have been working with the city since late 2008, upgrading its lighting system under a concession agreement—the first of its kind in China.

Investments lead to savings

One of the project’s key challenges was making the investments needed to upgrade the city’s lighting installations. We set up an Energy Performance Contract with the city that financed the necessary investments with the savings generated by energy-efficiency measures. By 2010, we were already 35% of the way toward reaching the targets specified in the contract.

The world’s first large-scale Luxicom® project

These energy savings were made possible by:

  • Our proprietary remote lighting management software that can regulate lighting installations and reduce lighting intensity
  • PackWeb® software developed by Citelum
  • The creation of a specific company and call center for this project

A Citelum lighting masterplan for signature sites

The partnership also includes our internationally-reputed artistic lighting design services. Our lighting masterplan set out a roadmap for making Kunming’s monuments, heritage sites, and urban environment even more beautiful.

 Kunming, China

  • 6 million inhabitants
  • 50,000 lights
  • Project type: comprehensive street lighting management under a public-private partnership
  • Date: 2008
  • Project length: 15 years