Kuala Lumpur

Great lighting meets great architecture

Kuala Lumpur’s architectural masterpiece—the Petronas Twin Towers—embodies the city’s new economic vibrancy. We are proud to be behind the artistic lighting that reinforces the towers’ powerful image.

Designed by internationally-renowned architect Cesare Pelli, the Petronas Twin Towers were completed in 1998. At that time they were the highest skyscrapers in the world, standing 452 meters (1,483 feet) tall and joined by a skybridge.

The Towers are home to not only Petronas, a thriving Malaysian company, but also to shops, a concert hall, a mosque, and more. Today, Kuala Lumpur would like to raise the international profile of the business district where the towers are located.

In 2003, we were given the challenge of creating a lighting design to highlight the towers’ stunning beauty and architectural ingenuity after dark.

A modular design

Our single most important guiding principle was to respect the towers’ architectural style:

  • The full length of the towers are illuminated, from top to bottom, creating a vertical movement symbolizing the towers’ force
  • The design does not alter the appearance of the towers during the day
  • White lights were chosen as a base to harmonize with the buildings’ materials

Our artistic lighting subsidiary Architecture Lumière Conseil came up with a modular design so that lighting can be adjusted for various times of day or events:

  • White lighting in a shade more intense than the base white is used on the weekend
  • A large palette of colors is also available for holidays and special events

Architecture Lumière Conseil also designed lighting for the Maxis Tower located on the same site.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 1.8 million inhabitants
  • 626 floodlights, DMX control system, and more
  • Project type: architectural lighting design
  • Date: 2003
  • Project length: 9 months