LEDs to light up the entire city

Driven by a commitment to sustainable development, Ibiza called on Citelum to upgrade its lighting infrastructure with innovative equipment and technologies.

Already a well-known tourist destination, Ibiza also wanted to establish a reputation for being sustainably managed. City leaders outlined an Agenda 21 Plan and asked us to help make it a model for other European cities by boosting the environmental performance of the city’s lighting.

LEDs and remote lighting management generate energy savings

After developing a city lighting masterplan for Ibiza in 2006, we were asked in 2008 to provide comprehensive management for the city’s lighting infrastructure. Our targets under this contract were to:

  • Cut the city’s lighting-related energy use by 25%
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 534 tons per year

We achieved these ambitious environmental objectives by:

  • Upgrading the city’s entire lighting system and gradually rolling out LED lamps, setting an example for other European cities (a total of 2,500 light fixtures will be upgraded)
  • Implementing our proprietary remote lighting management system

In addition, our Spanish office will not only execute the comprehensive management contract, it will also build a 525 m2 solar power plant with a capacity of 30 kWp.

 Ibiza, Spain

  • 125,300 inhabitants
  • 6,023 lights
  • Project type: Comprehensive street lighting management
  • Date: 2008
  • Project length: 25 years