Greater Shepparton City Council

City of Greater Shepparton CCTV Lighting Audit

Greater Shepparton City Council has recently received funding from the Department of Justice towards the development of a Safer City Camera Project within the Shepparton CBD.

Greater Shepparton City Council is committed to identifying and acting on local community safety priorities to ensure that Greater Shepparton’s diverse community feel safe, respected, proud and resilient.

The performance of the CCTV project depends on how the camera identifies detail at night. One of the key attributes of lighting is colour rendering. To understand the performance of public, a detailed day and night audit is required.

Citelum Public Lighting Audit

Using Citelum’s specific expertise city lighting management, the Greater Shepparton City Council were able to obtain specific data about the performance of the public lighting network within the CBD.  The daytime audit consisted of taking a photograph and visually identifying the position and type of each lighting point.




Again using Citelum’s proven methodology of GP Lux, Shepparton were able to understand visually where the issues were within the city in relation to lighting levels and which areas need attention




Lighting Design

Understanding the luminaire types and expected performance we were able to undertake detailed lighting design using AGI32 to assist the council understand that the roads meeting the required Australian Standards but may not be suitable for high deterrence CCTV applications.

Education and Training

Part of our role is to educate and train non-technical personnel in the basics of lighting terminology. A key component of our report methodology is to explain to customers the difference between technical lighting terms. For example the difference between Horizontal Illuminance (Eh) and Vertical Illuminance (Ev) Lux levels.

Greater Shepparton City Council, Regional Victoria

  • 8km route lighting mapped
  • Lux readings from over 3,000 lighting points
  • Project type: Consultation GPLux®
  • Date: 2012
  • Project length: 3 months