Fortaleza becomes a model of sustainability

When it comes to sustainable urban lighting, Fortaleza is leading by example. The city chose Citelum’s comprehensive management service to support its proactive environmental policies.

After Fortaleza renewed its partnership with our Brazilian subsidiary Citéluz in 2006, we designed and implemented a city lighting masterplan—putting Fortaleza well on the way to becoming “Fortaleza Bela.”

Brazil’s fifth-largest city and the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza is both a major industrial hub and a premier tourist destination. Fortaleza’s population has been growing rapidly since the 1990s, making sustainable development a top priority for city planners, who adopted an Agenda 21 Plan to promote sustainable public infrastructure and services; urban lighting is naturally part of this strategy and must:

  • Help people use electricity sensibly (RELUZ program)
  • Help maintain social cohesion as the city expands

Fortaleza’s initiatives have won international praise, receiving the Procel award for street lighting in 2004 and the Dubai Award in 2008.

Citéluz drives sustainable development

Citéluz helped Fortaleza cut its energy consumption by 37% and its CO2 emissions by 150 tons/year, by:

  • Overhauling nearly a fourth of its lighting equipment
  • Using more energy-efficient lamps (300 LED floodlights were used to illuminate the Catedral da Sé)
  • Implementing an effective energy management policy designed to reduce consumption

Citéluz, a trusted partner of Fortaleza, shares the city’s commitment to sustainable development. For instance, Citéluz teamed up with a local company to decontaminate and recycle old lamps, and took part in a training program that promotes recycling and supports local artists and artisans (Luz Solidaria).

Streamlined operations and maintenance

The city’s entire lighting system had to be revamped, and our city lighting masterplan was the engineering solution it needed. Our masterplan will make it possible for the city to expand its lighting systems even further over the long-term. We also helped improve day-to-day operations through:

• Our PackWeb® computer-assisted maintenance software

• New procedures for faster maintenance backed by a call center

Brighter streets

Citéluz also beefed up the number of street lights in Fortaleza (by 11%), making the city both safer and more inviting. Fortaleza had already seen our artistic lighting designs at heritage sites in Brazil and abroad, so the city naturally turned to us to develop its lighting masterplan. As a result, some twenty monuments and sites will be illuminated by Citelum, including the Catedral da Sé, Fatima Church, and Senhora de Assunçao Fortress.

Fortaleza, Brazil

  • 2.4 million inhabitants
  • 162,000 lights
  • Project type: Comprehensive of street lighting management and a lighting masterplan for 20 monuments and sites
  • P