City of Wyndham

Station Place Lighting Design – Bridge of Light

During 2014, Citelum were engaged by the City of Wyndham to assist them in obtaining grant funding for an upgrade of the heart of Werribee.

The scope was to prepare a lighting concept that reinforces the feeling of the community that Station Place is the heart of the Werribee City Centre and to improve the safety of visitors. In addition we prepared some basic concept visualisation to assist non-technical reviewers of the submission, the overall concept of the proposal.

Station Place is a transit area, with the Werribee Train Line finishing and many taxis and pedestrians navigating the space at night towards shopping or car parking areas. A major theme of the concept was to create a “Bridge of Light” assisting pedestrians walk safely through the mixed pedestrian/vehicle zone.

We knew from our sociology study what the residents, visitors and  businesses wanted and we detailed this information in the submission to the State Government.

Simple questions were asked:

What do the residents, visitors and businesses think about lighting in the Werribee City Centre?

The purpose of the street interviews was to accelerate knowledge of the uses and atmospheres of the place to be investigated through the quick expression of the multiple uses recorded. They are either surveyed in the street (passersby, residents, professionals), or in the workplace (retailers) in order to obtain their night time experiences in the location and the difference between their night and day practices. This approach is very interesting because it does not require users to make a commitment or become directly involved in a work process, while allowing us to “take the pulse” of the place investigated and show we take user viewpoints into consideration when building the project.

Photography and audits were undertaken to gain an understanding of the site at night.  It was found that the lighting levels met with a category of Australian Standards, however the level was not to the satisfaction of the users of the space.