City of West Torrens

City of West Torrens Public Lighting Audit

City of West Torrens invests in quality infrastructure, with appropriate aesthetic appearance, which has contributed to the improved appearance of a number of the city’s urban renewal projects.

The City of West Torrens (WTCC) Public Lighting and Electrical Asset team called tenders to conduct a Public Lighting and Electrical audit of the Public Realm Lighting within the West Torrens Council Boundaries and surrounding parklands to help meet the requirements of the WTCC City Assets Team.

The city has undergone in recent years significant public realm improvement projects and it was necessary as part of the this plan to first identify the risks associated with existing network and to capture data to enable WTCC to meet the expectations of the community and its strategic management plans.

Environment Strategy 

The City of West Torrens is developing an Environment Strategy to establish a long term vision for a more sustainable City in partnership with the community by setting priority actions in the short term and delivering tangible benefits at the local level on environmental issues.

Part of that strategy is to assess the carbon footprint from public lighting and to assist the City of West Torrrens, Citelum used its in-house expertise to calculate the carbon footprint of the city

Each product is broken-down into sub-products, and each one is measured in kg of CO2 per kg of product together with its packaging, from its initial supply, through to its end of life, identifying the % of recyclable products at the end of the cycle, and taking into account the energy consumption required for the production and operation during the life of each sub-product.

The rules applied are able to differentiate between and to combine the following elements:

  • The carbon balance for raw materials and their transportation to the manufacturing site
  • The carbon balance for fossil fuels
  • The carbon balance of the manufacturing cycle
  • The carbon balance of the distribution cycle
  • The carbon balance of the product usage cycle
  • The carbon balance of the packaging and of the product concerned
  • The carbon balance of the removal and recycling of the product, including transportation.

The project achieved the following:

  • Improving knowledge of the network
  • Capture new assets
  • 2MB High Resolution Photograph of assets deemed to be bad
  • Identifying luminaire type
  • Transferring of information to City of West Torren’s GIS system
  • Development of a structured database
  • Categorise and manage risks associated with the public lighting network

Manage what you know

To assist the city plan for the future and manage its ongoing assets, the project enabled the city to gain in depth knowledge on each public lighting asset.

The audit was conducted using our PackWeb® computer-assisted maintenance software.

City of West Torrens, Adelaide, South Australia

  • 55,620 inhabitants
  • Citelum Carbon Calculator®
  • PackWeb®
  • 7956 lighting points
  • Project type: Comprehensive Street Lighting Audit
  • Date: 2012
  • Project length: 6 months