City of Geelong

Lighting Partner Service

Part of Citelum’s methodology is our unique approach to capacity building, collaboration and knowledge transfer. Utilising our international connections, we are on the edge of innovation. We are able to provoke new ways of thinking when it comes to managing public lighting.

Overview of the Service

To assist with the management of your Public Lighting, this service is designed to provide advice for your current, ongoing and future projects. Its like having a technical lighting person on staff to ask those questions from a public lighting perspective and ensure that your city gets the best outcome for each project. The pricing is fixed and you can choose what level of input you want from us. Our goal is to helping you understand what we know about lighting and cities in terms of theory of light, design of light, products and management of lighting and help you improve your public lighting within your city. We help you begin to understand our methodology of managing city lighting and help you to start to think like a specialist public lighting operator.

Advice - General product advice, training, meeting with suppliers and stakeholders, other colleagues to discuss projects

Design - Small designs, sculptures and small projects up to large areas

Audit – Using our technical equipment and methods, we review and make sure the projects achieve the intended outcomes

Our goal with this service is to assist with capacity building because we believe that informed customers are innovative customers.

City of Geelong, Victoria

  • Collaboration and Education
  • Lighting Audits
  • Date: 2012
  • Project length: ongoing