City of Geelong Tree Lighting

CityGeelongNight2014 was the year that Mayor Darryn Lyons set a bold vision for Christmas with largest outdoor floating Christmas Tree in Australia for the City of Geelong. To support this centrepiece, Geelong embarked on a bold vision of a tree lighting masterplan at key locations throughout the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Using Citelum’s experienced lighting design team, the project involved measuring, photographing and auditing 18 different sites to ensure any lighting proposal was effective. A number of strategies were presented; including the 4 design philosophies of tree lighting:

  • Light as Furnishing
  • Light to the Foliage
  • Light to the Trunk and Branches
  • Light as a separate decoration or embellishment

High quality visualisation was then produced to enable the customer to understand the impact of the investment it was making.