City of Adelaide

Adelaide City Council

Understanding the Lighting Network to unlock opportunities to improve energy efficiency

Public Lighting AuditAdelaide is a planned city, designed by the first surveyor-general of South Australia, Colonel William Light. His plan, now known as Light’s Vision arranged Adelaide in a grid with five squares and ring of parks, known as the Adelaide Parklands surrounding it. The benefits of Light’s design are numerous; Adelaide has wide, multi-lane roads from its beginning, an easily navigable grid layout and a beautiful green ring around the city centre.

Electric Street Lighting was introduced into Adelaide in 1900.

Council’s vision for the future is for:

“A vibrant, prosperous and sustainable Capital City built upon Adelaide’s Heritage and lifestyle”

In part, on the foundation of this strong planning vision, Adelaide City Council has established detailed strategic plans to support long term management of its public realm assets. Citelum assisted the city by conducting a detailed audit of the public lighting realm in May 2011. The project achieved the following:

  • Improving knowledge of the network
  • Capture new assets
  • Identify auxiliary assets mounted to lighting columns
  • 2MB High Resolution Photograph of each asset
  • Identifying luminaire type
  • Transferring of information to Adelaide City Council’s GIS system
  • Development of a database
  • Categorise and manage risks associated with the public lighting network

Manage what you know

To assist the city plan for the future and manage its ongoing assets, the project enabled the city to gain in depth knowledge on each public lighting asset.

The audit was conducted using our PackWeb® computer-assisted maintenance software.

 Adelaide, South Australia

  • 1.2m inhabitants
  • 7200 lighting points
  • Project type: Comprehensive Street Lighting Audit
  • Date: 2011
  • Project length: 6 months