A festival of light in Cannes

International film capital Cannes is now even more beautiful, thanks to a lighting masterplan our experts designed with both sustainable development and visual artistry in mind.

In 2005 Cannes rolled out a plan to improve its urban environment. The city’s standards were high: any new lighting systems or upgrades would have to live up to Cannes’ reputation as a leading international center for the visual arts. We developed a lighting masterplan to:

  • Improve lighting all over the city
  • Highlight the beauty of Cannes’ urban environment
  • Cut lighting-related electricity bills by close to 35%

We implemented the lighting masterplan over four years in association with our lighting design subsidiary, Architecture Lumière Conseil. Our plan delivered world-class aesthetics and energy performance, bringing home a prestigious award from LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International, an association of cities from around the world that take pride in their nighttime skylines).

La Croisette gets a makeover

Our designers completely revamped the lighting on La Croisette, including:

  • A combination of static and dynamic lighting to highlight Cannes’ natural beauty from several different angles
  • New lamps that were specially designed by internationally-renowned architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who gathered inspiration from local tree life

New lighting was installed all over the city, illuminating public spaces like streets and city gateways, as well as heritage buildings and monuments such as Notre-Dame-des-Pins Church, Ile-Saint-Marguerite Fortress, Palais de Justice, Malmaison, and the synagogue.

Keeping our sustainable development promise

We met our energy savings commitments by:

  • Installing LEDs
  • Using Luxicom® remote lighting management software
  • Performing a technical and energy assessment of 12,000 light fixtures

Cannes, France

  • 73,000 inhabitants
  • 12,000 lights
  • Project type: Lighting masterplan
  • Date: 2006
  • Project length: 4 year