Bussy Saint-Georges

Modernizing the city’s lighting infrastructure

The city of Bussy-Saint-Georges has been upgrading its lighting infrastructure since 2007. The goal is to contribute to meeting sustainable development objectives while improving quality of life. A partnership with Citelum is helping the city implement its plans and manage investment costs.

As new residents were drawn to growing Marne-la-Vallée near Paris, the population in nearby Bussy-Saint-Georges mushroomed, growing by a factor of five between 1994 and 2007. The city’s public infrastructure had to adapt quickly, and city planners realized that the existing street lighting and traffic management systems had to be revamped to ensure sustainable growth.

The city set up a 20-year public-private partnership with Citelum in 2007 to tackle these complex challenges and, above all, help finance the substantial investments the upgrades would require.

Optimized investment spending

Our partnership has allowed the city to very rapidly:

• Carry out large-scale renovation work, upgrading close to half of the city’s lighting structures and 85% of its lights

• Cut electricity consumption 18% by making the installations more energy-efficient

Safer, more sustainable public infrastructure

Thanks to our PackWeb® software and remote lighting management system, Bussy-Saint-Georges now boasts street lighting that is both safe and secure, providing continuous, high-quality service to its citizens. The lighting is also more environmentally-friendly with a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions (by 47 tons/year) and light pollution. These results were achieved through the installation of LED lamps and lighting columns that run on solar energy or use reflectors.

Safer, more beautiful public spaces

We helped Bussy-Saint-Georges improve public spaces through:

  • High-quality lighting for certain distinctive features
  • The installation of 16 video surveillance cameras

 Bussy-Saint-Georges, France

  • 21,000 inhabitants
  • 4,500 lights and 16 video surveillance cameras
  • Project type: Comprehensive management of street lighting and video surveillance systems under a public-private partnership
  • Date: 2007
  • Project length: 20 years