Lighting contributes to city’s urban renewal efforts

For several years we have been working with Agde city planners in their efforts to improve the city’s quality of life—while making sustainability a priority. A partnership with Citelum covering both technical and financial aspects of the project enabled Agde to completely upgrade its lighting infrastructure.

Agde, home to a reputed Mediterranean marina, wanted to beautify the city, enhancing attractiveness to tourists while expressing a strong commitment to sustainable development. Our street lighting played an important role in helping the city achieve these goals by:

  • Cutting energy consumption
  • Making public spaces safer, more secure, and more beautiful

Agde’s infrastructure needed extensive renovation work requiring substantial investment. The city deemed a public-private partnership with Citelum the most relevant solution to its urban lighting needs.

Unlocking financing for lighting upgrades

Our partnership with the city resulted in:

  • Upgraded lighting systems, with a goal of overhauling 81% of the existing installation
  • Installing new light fixtures, with a goal of increasing the number of fixtures by 8.5%

Contributing to environmental objectives

Despite the fact that Agde’s lighting installation expanded under our partnership, the system’s total energy consumption has already dropped. The partnership ultimately guarantees a 15.5% reduction in energy consumption, which will be achieved through:

  • Energy-efficient lighting with better-regulated power and operating hours
  • The use of renewable energy (e.g., solar power) whenever possible, which can also help the city earn energy performance certificates

In addition, our new lighting systems will not generate any light pollution.

Enhancing heritage buildings and monuments

Our talent for artistic lighting design prompted Agde to invest in a far-reaching distinctive lighting program for ten of its most emblematic sites spanning centuries of local history: the 17th-century Coeur de Ville House, the 19th-century Belle-Agathoise Fountain, and a variety of other churches and sites significant to the area’s history and maritime geography.

Agde’s lighting systems are run using our PackWeb® computer-assisted maintenance software.

 Agde, France

  • 22,800 inhabitants
  • 10,077 lights
  • Project type: Comprehensive street lighting management under a public-private partnership
  • Date: 2007
  • Project length: 18 years