City Lighting Services

1.Making Light Beautiful

Cities and councils can become icons when they choose to make their public lighting beautiful. Children are captivated by the magic of the city, families and visitors bring new experiences to the city. Economic development improves and vibrancy of cities becomes a reality.  Child

2.Lighting Care

Maintenance of lighting is not simply replacing a lamp when it is out. Understanding how light works demands us to take a specialist approach to ensure lighting for your city meets the required standards. Taking a holistic approach, we advocate for both Preventative and Curative maintenance. Preventative maintenance reduces long term costs by ensuring the small things don’t accumulate to larger items.


3.Create Light

To achieve the optimal solution that is beautiful, cost effective to maintain, Citelum takes a unique approach when creating light. We provide a complete Design, Install, Operate and Maintain service We are impartial when it comes to technology. We simply want to find the best solution for the application. We have 3D Design visualisation tools that enable us to show you why some technologies are better than the other. Having experience in installation and maintenance, we aim to provide perspective in how to create light that lasts.

Existing Mercury Vapour Lamps 50 watts


22 watts LED – more than half the wattage and an improved lighting result


4.Counting Light

Counting Light is simply counting and providing a condition assessment of the the public lighting assets in your city. Our team have counted, photographed and provided condition assessments for over 250,000 lights in the Australia-Asia region. Our systematic approach, our defined methodology can ensure a rapid appraisal of your city’s assets. Within Australia, we have been engaged to count well over 50,000 LP across a number of cities and councils. 

Counting lights

5.Measuring Light

What is the lighting footprint of your city? How has it been structured. This service provides a graphical presentation of the lighting footprint of your city in a way that is simple to understand. Using our specialised on-board laboratory equipment and our specialised mapping staff, we can provide an understanding of the structure of your city’s lighting footprint.


6.Plans for Light

Cities prepare long term plans for all their services. Public Lighting accounts for between 30-50% of a city’s carbon emissions and is often their single largest electricity bill. The Citelum Urban Lighting Masterplan sets the long term vision for the city for the service of lighting.


7.Making Light Smart

When making the choice to make your city lighting efficient, why not choose to make it smart. Lighting in the city provides the perfect platform to add other services like WI-FI, Smart Parking, Electric Vehicle Charge Points, Environmental Sensors and the like.


8.Feelings About Light

What do the people think about light? What do the visitors think? Do they feel safe? Does the city lighting create a sense of vibrancy and enhance feelings of safety. Using a sociological approach to lighting in the city, we interview and ask people what they think? We produce and collate the data and create a video showing the experiences of people using light.