About Us

Citelum is a global leader in lighting, traffic management, and other urban electrical systems. We place sustainable development in all of its forms—economic, societal, cultural, and environmental—at the heart of our systems and services. At Citelum, we specialise in urban electrical equipment. From urban lighting to traffic management, cities turn to us to manage their public lighting, lighting for heritage buildings and monuments, traffic lights, and more recent urban electrical equipment needs like electric vehicle charging terminals, video surveillance, and traffic-light radars.

A fully-integrated approach

Our services cover the entire value chain, from design through to operation. We provide end-to-end systems designed to respond to city planners’ energy-efficiency requirements. We also take pride in developing innovative solutions. Over the past decade we have introduced computerised maintenance systems and remote lighting management, and have successfully adapted electrical distribution network techniques to our urban equipment systems.

Comprehensive services

At Citelum, we strive to help metropolitan areas remain attractive and grow sustainably by carefully balancing economic, societal, cultural, and environmental considerations. Our comprehensive services—backed by a firm commitment to performance, quality, and service continuity—allow city planners to meet their budgets and achieve their urban development objectives.

A global footprint

We have installed and managed electrical equipment in cities of all sizes, ranging from small villages to major international hubs. You can see our work on display in Mexico City, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Santiago, Prague, Venice, Naples, Shanghai, Vientiane, Beijing, Salvador, and Ho Chi Minh City, London, Australia  —just to name a few. And we offer the same high level of service to cities of all sizes worldwide. We believe that to be truly sustainable, cities must also be beautiful. Regardless of location, we are guided by a single objective: to replace today’s generic, uninspired, energy-hungry lighting with systems that are both environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Environmental, Health and Safety and Rehabilitation Policies